3 Reasons You’re Sabotaging Your Intuition Right Now

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awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaWhen it comes to intuition you are your own biggest challenge.

Sometimes, it’s like your intuition and ego are going head-to-head in epic an arm wrestling battle. And well, since you use your ego pretty much every day, it’s a lot beefier than your intuition is at this point so it usually wins.

Below are the biggest intuition killers. Master these guys and your intuition will win every time.

Intuition Killer #1: Second Guesses

When you’re dealing with things unseen, it can be hard NOT to second guess yourself especially at first. But second guessing is the number 1 intuition killer. The more you second guess your intuition hits, the more confused and clouded they will be.

The ONLY way out of this bad habit is to go with your gut. If something feels “off” to you or you get the feeling that someone is not being true then take note. Don’t be attached to being right or wrong. Just notice the intuitive guidance and watch.

For example, if you get the feeling that your friend is angry with you, take note and let your friend open up and see if they come forward with their feelings. If they don’t, you can ask. But be open to being wrong.

Eventually you’ll notice the difference between your actual intuition and thoughts from the ego.

Remember, this takes practice to get right.

Intuition Killer #2: Trying Too Hard

The number 2 killer of intuition is TRYING. Ugh. This is another tough one to avoid.

The SECOND you find yourself trying too hard to “see” the answer to your question is the second you sabotage your reading. Intuitive guidance flows to you. If it’s not flowing to you it’s because something is unclear (i.e. your intention, the circumstances, your emotional state) and NOT because you’re not trying hard enough.

The harder you try to open your third eye, the more you’ll spin your wheels.

Intuition Killer #3: Isolation

The number 3 intuition killer is isolation. This may seem counter intuitive (no pun intended) but when we isolate ourselves from people too much, we cut ourselves off from validation.

Without validation, it’s super easy to get “ungrounded” and imagine answers when they aren’t there. A ton of spiritual seekers get caught up endlessly channeling spirit guides, high councils or making predictions for others… but none of it is ever validated by someone else.

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You can’t get good at something without practice and the fact is, we need each other to make sure we’re on track—or not.
When we have an intuitive friend or teacher to work with, it makes navigating the psychic world a SO much easier.

The reason I became so skilled at intuitive readings is because I threw myself into doing one on one sessions with clients.. even when I was unsure of my skills. I was always very honest about my insecurity and started off slowly with my readings. The more validation I got, the more confidence and clarity I developed.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to take that route, it IS kind of scary to read for strangers after all, but I AM saying to get some help from a friend or teacher and you’ll skyrocket your progress.

I hope these tips helped you get some clarity on what could be blocking you. Often just being aware of the blocks is enough to open up and get moving again when you’re feeling stuck. =)

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Danielle Fagan

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Danielle Fagan is a published author, Intuition Mastery Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and has helped millions of people develop their psychic abilities and discover their soul purpose through her 1-on-1 work, workshops and online articles.

The day that she discovered her psychic abilities was the day she met God in a coffee shop. She learned over many Divine dialogues, trial and error and endless practice exactly how to access her psychic abilities with confidence and accuracy. She strongly believes that each person already has psychic abilities and strives to teach others HOW to unleash their God-given superpower with accuracy and clarity

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