5 Daily Rituals To Awaken Your Intuition

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Intuition is something that seems so small but in reality, it’s everything.

awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaYour intention directs your energy and dictates your day. It’s no different when it comes to opening up your third eye and accessing your intuition. In order for you to unlock your powerful intuitive gifts you MUST intend on it happening.

Get clear on your intention BEFORE moving onto the next steps.

Some things to consider:

Do I want the process of opening my third eye to be slow, gentle, easy, graceful, loving, playful, comfortable etc?

Am I willing to embark on this adventure no matter what challenges I will be faced with? (Every time we grow we face new challenges)

Do I intend on it beginning right now?

Opening your third eye can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Think about it, you are about to begin receiving information that is coming from an unseen Source about a variety of topics at ANY point during the day!

By taking notes in a journal about the experiences you will begin to have every day (the small experiences AND the big ones) you’ll not only track your progress but you’ll be able to better understand the signs that you’re receiving. Write down recurring numbers, symbols, dreams, strange happenings and feelings that you get during this time. Grab a fresh journal and dedicate it to your intuitive experiences

1) Center yourself

Opening up your intuition means that you’re opening yourself to ALL energies, not just your own. This means that you’re going to need to learn to hone in only on the signals you WANT to be receiving. It’s always best to tune in deeply to your Higher Self and Source itself.

How do you do that? Meditate!

Meditate every single day for a few moments to align your energy to your Higher Self and Source. During this process imagine yourself unplugging from all other distractions, signals, interfering energies and plugging into your Higher Self and Source. This way, you can be sure that you’re tuning into a high frequency, your clearing away many distractions and the messages you’re receiving are from a pure source. This can take as few as 5-15 minutes of daily practice. Not a big commitment and WELL worth it. Close your eyes and consciously connect to your Higher Self and Source.

If you’re unsure of how to meditate or just looking for more guided meditations that you resonate with feel free to download my “Guided Meditation for Soul Purpose.”

I’ve used techniques like the ones in this guided meditation to help free them from whatever was blocking them from CLEARLY knowing their soul purpose.

I want to give that meditation to you today and give you the opportunity to clear out whatever is blocking you from clearly identifying your purpose.

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2) Get Real

“To thine own self be true”, said Shakespeare. It is of utmost importance that you are 100% clear with yourself about any inhibitions that you have about this process.

What are your fears? Even the ridiculous ones.

Did someone tell you a scary story about seeing ghosts?

Did you see something in a movie?

How do you think your life will change once your third eye is totally open?

Whatever it is that you fear will block you in some way if it’s not identified and conquered. So write down your fears and be open to working on them as they arise.

You don’t need to know HOW to conquer them. You just need to be willing to do whatever it takes to conquer them and grow in new, positive directions.

3) Open your mind

A common misconception that opening your third eye only means being able to access the metaphysical. This is partly true. Yes, you’ll be able to access the metaphysical but a more accurate way of putting it is opening your third eye will help you to see the unseen.

The difference is that you will not only notice signs from the angels and departed loved ones in your daily life but you will also notice things that you hadn’t seen in your daily life.

This means you will see beauty and love where you previously hadn’t seen it AND you will also see ugliness and pain where you hadn’t previously seen it. So this could mean seeing new, beautiful sides to people in your life that you had previously judged or written off. You could find love in these friendships or relationships and have it blossom into something new. But it could also mean realizing that someone close to you doesn’t have your best intentions in mind. You may suddenly see red flags about a potential business partner, for example.

4) Accept the challenges that arise

When you see things that make you feel uncomfortable, like a shady potential business partner, you are being presented with a challenge. Because you recognize something you hadn’t before, you have a new set of options in front of you.

Do you confront the person?

Do you walk away from the business deal?

What will you do now that you’ve seen the truth?

5) Let Go

A huge component of opening the third eye is about letting go of our “stuckness”. This new journey you’re embarking on will cause friction in the areas of your life where you’re holding onto something. Sometimes we hold onto an idea, a relationship, an identity or an old habit. Accessing your intuition will bring these areas to your attention so that you can let go and bring new energies into your life.

What was my biggest stressor today?

What do I need to change to correct this?

What might I be holding onto that’s creating this problem?

By following these steps you will not only open your third eye in but you’ll be much better equipped to work through the challenges that arise and understand the new energies that begin to flow into your life.

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Danielle Fagan

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Danielle Fagan is a published author, Intuition Mastery Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and has helped millions of people develop their psychic abilities and discover their soul purpose through her 1-on-1 work, workshops and online articles.

The day that she discovered her psychic abilities was the day she met God in a coffee shop. She learned over many Divine dialogues, trial and error and endless practice exactly how to access her psychic abilities with confidence and accuracy. She strongly believes that each person already has psychic abilities and strives to teach others HOW to unleash their God-given superpower with accuracy and clarity

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