Here’s What My Clients Have To Say About Our Work Together

Jaimie Inman, Founder of Squared Away Feng Shui

“Working with Danielle is great. It’s probably the best investment I’ve made in myself and I can’t wait to work with her again!” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

Terry Calibaba, Founder of Enriched Life

“She’s a healer but she’s also my second opinion… and she helps if you want any direction with your personal life, your business life or whatever… she can really read the Angels and help guide “through the muck” sometimes and really provide that second opinion.” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

Alex Woodrow, co-founder of Our Last Night

Danielle is an absolute legend. I had a great time working with her (still do) and when I started working with her I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my own intuitive abilities.


She helped me to get clear, and work through the cloudiness of thinking that my thoughts were coming from inside – and surrendering and honouring that it might be coming from somewhere else. This really helped me at a time in my life when I was working on my self confidence and also working to be a guide for other people.” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

Mark DeNicola, CEO of Beam Beam Productions

“Danielle is someone I am beyond grateful to have as a resource in my life.


She has honestly seen me at some of my worst times and has been someone who has not only given me the advice, and the information, and the insight that I needed in those moments – but has also gotten me to somehow break through all that and put a smile on my face in the midst of it all.” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

Danielle honestly feels like a loving mother when she does sessions with me. I feel a warm, caring energy that helps to create a comfort to begin exploring the challenges I’m facing at the time. That energy and feeling alone is sometimes what I have wanted sessions for.

Aside from that, her ability to help me simplify and pull out the thoughts and feelings going through my mind is incredible, and she has the intuitive insight to go along with it.

From helping me calm my nerves before a big public speaking gig, to helping me through pesky mind stories, she has always been there, and great at what she does.

Joe Martino

Founder of Collective Evolution

I met Danielle just under a year a ago and she has forever changed my life.
I had been broken emotionally, physically and financially. She rewired my negative thinking, removed emotional blockages, took my pain away and has made me see the miracle of being alive in a whole new way.
Every morning I wake up and I am excited at the possibility and opportunity that the day brings.  She has also helped me with my twins, removing their emotional blockages as well and I am enjoying life to the max.  My husband has also felt Danielle’s special gift, his business has had an increase in sales.
I went from zero income, completely in pain from fibromyalgia to fifty thousand salary plus commission and pain free!
She is truly a miracle. Thank you Danielle, love you lots!
Luisa V.

Danielle Fagan is a messenger of God and I met God through her! God told me I was his perfect child, to have faith in the path before me, to have courage, confidence with love and joy once again. Danielle Fagan is an angel. Suffering a deep darkness of truth, I was overwhelmed by her insight on very personal, important issues at very deep levels of spiritual awareness. She truly enlightened and lifted my spirit to soar once again. She pulled me back up from a downward spiral.
She conducted a profound clearing and released negative patterns of thinking, a deep emotional healing that seems to have cleaned up past ills (emotionally and physically) and help me find the courage to forgive myself for what I have and haven’t done. My eyes shine once again.
I have quite drinking and smoking, started taking care of my body again, and began exercising.  I finally feel real again. I feel “fixed” and clear to follow my Divine path with nothing but intentions of love, trust, peace, faith, strength, courage and confidence.
Thank you Danielle! I love you Danielle! Never stop what you are doing!
Mary D.

Before seeing Danielle, I couldn’t understand the repeated patterns in my life.
The feelings of depression, anxiety and being “stuck”.  I was advised to seek conventional therapy but I knew there was something much more out there for me… and that was Danielle!
Danielle had all the answers that I know, no other therapist could ever give me, not to mention the health issues that have never been addressed by any health practitioner. Working with Danielle has given me such a clear understanding of the cause and effect of negative energies and emotions on our physical being.
But most importantly, her remarkable gift and knowledge of this healing method has truly been a blessing that has made such a significant difference in my life!
I recommend it everyone! Thank you Danielle!
Monica C.


I’m in awe today, I woke up this morning finally not experiencing that ball in my stomach. The fullness that I have been feeling for quite sometime and I thought of you right away, to my surprise a text from you earlier on today.

You have no idea what that did to me and the impact you have had on me in the last two days. Denial, uncertainty, pain, failing, the unknown future are all words and feelings that surround me on a daily basis. I focus too much on why did I fail my marriage and what could I have done different and NEVER once thought about the idea that it takes two to make things work and that I do need to be happy for myself and I need to stop living this make belief life for everyone else.

I need you to help me and I know you can and you will. I looked through the services you offer and the “soul realignment” seems like a great start. I also think the heart one is great as well. Which one would you recommend I start first.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for all you do to help others.


Thank you so much Danielle for your “on the spot” emotion code sessions you gave me.

Your intuition was right on and I was amazed at how good I felt after the sessions.  The first session you mostly worked on my heart and back (which I injured two months prior). Right away I felt better and within two days my back pain was gone and has not come back.

The next session you found blocked energy in my hips which have been hurting (your intuition was spot-on again) and the pain in my hips was gone the next day and has not come back!

Thank you for helping me release emotions that are not needed.  I highly recommend your work to everyone.

Al Whitman

Love On Earth Foundation

Sometimes you just don’t realize how much “emotional baggage” you are actually carrying.

When I started seeing Danielle, I was ready to give up. I felt like I was supposed to feel like this forever. I felt heavy and sad all the time. Danielle was able to bring forth all my emotions that I was carrying with me and made me realize that it doesn’t have to be this way.

She has helped me be aware of what I was feeling and allowed me to release the negative emotions and embrace the positive.

Her emotional healing has helped me let go of what was, and enabled me to see the light again. She truly is a wonderful soul and I look forward to seeing her 🙂


The energy healing sessions have been a very eye-opening experience for me.

My sessions with Danielle have really taught me to listen to my inner voice, focus on letting go of blocks in my life and have a closer relationship with the spiritual world.

Through energy healing, stress has diminished in my life and my energy levels and self awareness have become more prominent. Danielle is a true and gifted healer; I am blessed to have crossed paths with such a friendly, caring and enlightening light worker.


I have experienced many healers in my time but Danielle is unique.

She is gentle, honest and direct.

She truly assists with Divine healing.

She helped me and my family move forward with our healing when we needed help. She helped me accept and learn to accept the Divine healing that exists for those of us that are willing to feel it and accept into our lives.

Thank you Danielle for your work. You are a gift to this beautiful world.


For the last year my life went through different stages, but all of them negative things, for example I was laid off, after that I had a bad car accident, my son had a severe allergy reaction and we end at the hospital, trying to buying a new house was a challenge.

My faith keep me strong along the way but I realize that I need extra help. I decided to look for that card that I took in the store, I email the lady from the card.

Our first conversation was incredible, it was an amazing connection, like she knows me for years, and after that we had more sessions and every time was better, her guidance, knowledge, explanations, love, expertise, allow me to understand ” who I am?, my relationships, my life, my challenges, understanding all those things give to me the opportunity to change patterns and today I have the job that I want, bought a house, feel better with myself.

My relationship with Danielle has been an incredible journey. All the blessings for her, She is an amazing Angel, Thank you for being part of my journey !



I am very fortunate and grateful to have had Danielle bless me with her healings.
She has taught me how to change my thoughts and focus on being positive.  How to release negative thoughts by putting out positive thoughts and by getting what I want by doing so.

She helped me out of a terrible time in my life and for this I am a believer in her work and  recommend her to my closest friends and family.

Thank you Danielle for all that you have done to help me.  XO

Mary M

I have known Danielle almost a year now and am truly grateful for all the clearing she has done for me.

She has re-awakened my passion for life and totally realigned my perspective on all matters.

I have found such relief in her sessions and each one is better than the last. She is an amazing intuitive healer who has the most angelic presence of any human I have ever met! Knowing her has enriched my life immensely…….and as a result…..benefits those around me too.

Thank you for sharing your gifts Danielle !

Isabella M.

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