Here’s What My Clients Have To Say About Our Work Together

Terry Calibaba, Founder of Enriched Life

“She’s a healer but she’s also my second opinion… and she helps if you want any direction with your personal life, your business life or whatever… she can really read the Angels and help guide “through the muck” sometimes and really provide that second opinion.” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

Joe Martino, Founder of Collective Evolution

“Danielle honestly feels like a loving mother when she does sessions with me. I feel a warm, caring energy that helps to create a comfort to begin exploring the challenges I’m facing at the time. That energy and feeling alone is sometimes what I have wanted sessions for.


Aside from that, her ability to help me simplify and pull out the thoughts and feelings going through my mind is incredible, and she has the intuitive insight to go along with it.


From helping me calm my nerves before a big public speaking gig, to helping me through pesky mind stories, she has always been there, and great at what she does.”

Alex Woodrow, co-founder of Our Last Night

Danielle is an absolute legend. I had a great time working with her (still do) and when I started working with her I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my own intuitive abilities.


She helped me to get clear, and work through the cloudiness of thinking that my thoughts were coming from inside – and surrendering and honouring that it might be coming from somewhere else. This really helped me at a time in my life when I was working on my self confidence and also working to be a guide for other people.” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

Mark DeNicola, CEO of Beam Beam Productions

“Danielle is someone I am beyond grateful to have as a resource in my life.


She has honestly seen me at some of my worst times and has been someone who has not only given me the advice, and the information, and the insight that I needed in those moments – but has also gotten me to somehow break through all that and put a smile on my face in the midst of it all.” Watch the video to hear the full testimonial.

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