Here’s Why You May Have Trouble Reading Signs From The Angels

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“I am looking for signs from my angels all the time but I’m not hearing them… am I trying to hard?”

awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaWhat’s interesting is that as soon as I tune into the energy of that I hear complete silence.

It feels as though, when the person asks this question (and you may feel the same since you’re here reading this article) is that it feels like there’s a block there that’s keeping you from seeing them.

Angels leave all sorts of signs to let us know that they’re there.

We can see repeating number signs, fallen feathers, we can get goosebumps, we can just feel or know that they’re around.

It’s really unlimited with all of the ways they can speak to us.

But when I tune into this energy I feel completely blocked… almost like I’m shrouded in this sound proof material… something that’s keeping a barrier there.

Now the question is, “Why would you have that there?”

There are a lot of reasons why this could be.

You might benefit from a really good clearing or cleansing process to clear out these old blocks. That’s something that we do in the challenge like I mentioned earlier.

Another way that you could get a more clarity for why you have this block is to ask yourself:

“Is there something that would make me afraid to hear that the angels are around.”

“What would happen if I did see their signs?”

“What am I afraid that they could be trying to tell me?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to see angel signs?”

They’re all just different ways to ask yourself why you could have put up this block.

Sometimes people put up blocks because they saw something when they were younger and it scared them.

Or they heard a scary story, or watched too many scary movies and it put this negative view on angels, or the metaphysical into their mind.

There’s so many different reasons why you could be blocked but these are some of the really common ones.

Just by unblocking that, it will help you to be more open and see the angels signs, connect with your angels and further the third eye opening process so definitely figure that out, purge that energy and the signs will start to come a lot faster.


We all need to do clearings once in a while so it’s a very normal process.

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Danielle Fagan

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