Here’s Why Your Relationships Suck & How Your Intuition Can Fix Them

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If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you have perpetually found yourself being The Rescuer in your close relationships. Empaths are notorious for this.

Being The Rescuer is expensive too. It takes up our valuable time, energy, money and resources. When you’re a Rescuer, you’ll spend hours on the phone listening to people’s problems, you’ll get distracted from work, you’ll blow off the things you want to be doing for them and it all seems to spiral downward from there.

The thing is, is that the person you’re rescuing is never really “done” being rescued, are they? They seem to need MORE of our time, energy and money and they continue to find new excuses not to face their problems. The MORE we offer, the MORE they take.

It’s exhausting.

I know cause I’ve found myself in countless shitty relationships. Honest to God, it was one relationship after another where I gave everything I could, never saw any results with that person and then somehow the relationship ALWAYS seemed to end badly.

It caused me to mistrust people and put walls up because I felt like everyone wanted a piece of me. But instead of avoiding these relationships, they cropped up everywhere! In business partnerships, family, friendships and other situations. And I find that this is the case with many people that I work with that identify with the Rescuer archetype. The keep attracting MORE and MORE people to rescue.

It’s a vicious cycle.

So one day I tried something different.

I asked myself, “If I wasn’t busy rescuing everyone else, what would I be doing with my life?


Everything changed.

I realized that by continually “rescuing” the world, I was running away from the changes that I needed to make in my own life. So I stopped blaming other people and started fixing MY life instead of everyone else’s.

I saw improvements in my finances, my career, my overall well being and happiness and the healthy relationships in my life got deeper and more meaningful.

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Danielle Fagan
Intuition Mastery Coach

Danielle Fagan is a published author, Intuition Mastery Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and has helped millions of people develop their psychic abilities and discover their soul purpose through her 1-on-1 work, workshops and online articles.

The day that she discovered her psychic abilities was the day she met God in a coffee shop. She learned over many Divine dialogues, trial and error and endless practice exactly how to access her psychic abilities with confidence and accuracy. She strongly believes that each person already has psychic abilities and strives to teach others HOW to unleash their God-given superpower with accuracy and clarity

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