How do I know if a spirit is near me while I’m meditating?

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“How do I know if a spirit is around me while I’m meditating”

awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaNow, this is a question I get a lot – there’s quite a few different things that people experience while they meditate.

It kind of depends on how the angels communicate with you, or how YOU primarily receive your messages because angels and spirits can communicate with you in a variety of different ways.

Here’s a few common ones:

– You may feel a warmth around you

– You could feel a caress on your hair

– You could feel goosebumps

– You might notice lights flickering

– You could look over at the clock and see repeating numbers

– You could also have visions while you’re meditating

Now this doesn’t only have to happen while you’re meditating but it happens OFTEN when meditating because that’s when you’re in stillness, silence and listening.

You could also feel cold air.

It doesn’t really make a difference on the temperature you’re feeling but sometimes heat can represent a sense of healing that’s going on during your meditation but either way when you’re feeling any kind of bodily sensations, hearing things, or hearing repeating numbers those are all signs that a spirit or angel is with you.

And it’s usually a very comforting presence.

It may be a little surprising initially but they will let you know that they’re with you and that they are loving beings who are there to assist you in your meditation.

I hope that answers this question for you, and thank you so much for joining me!

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