How do we protect ourselves from negative energy?

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How do we protect ourselves from negative energy?

awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaWell, there are a lot of different answers to it but in my experience the best way is by NOT focusing on negative energy, and really honing in on everything that bothers you through out the day – plus avoiding judgements and just negativity in general is 100% the best way to avoid absorbing negative energy.

You cannot attract anything in your life that is not vibrationally alike to you.

Every single thing that comes into your life HAS to match a particular vibration. That’s when we accept personal responsibility for our surroundings.

When we are victimized instead and say “Oh no, I always have negative energy around me” or “this is all happening to me” – THAT is when we get trapped into the victim hood. So it’s super important for you to shift your focus.

If you are finding that you are surrounded by negative energy, it is extremely important for you to change your personal vibration as best you can. In order to do this… change your thinking!

Focus on what you LIKE about people, put good things in your body – when you vibrate at a higher vibration you attract better feelings and ‘things’ in your life. Fill your life with good feeling things that make you fell fulfilled.

You can use white sage, salt baths, cleansing guided meditations and you can also use a stone called black tourmaline to protect yourself from negative energy.

You can also use an essential oil called bergamont, it’s uplifting and beautiful for cleansing the energy of you and the room that you’re in.

It’s natural and completely normal to come across negative energy so understand how to handle and clear it is very important.

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