How to Communicate With Your Deceased Loved Ones

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How to communicate with loved ones that have crossed over…

awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaThe first thing that I’d like to address is that your loved ones are there. They are there on the other side and they are safe.

You CAN communicate with them.

It’s not something that needs a very intricate type of ritual. Sometimes rituals can be very powerful because they help you get in the zone, and a deeper space where you feel more connected to that loved one but today I’m going to tell you in more simple terms how to communicate.

1) They can hear you

If you get your thoughts down on paper (like by writing them a letter), that’s probably going to be the easiest way of communicating with them.

Pour your heart out and tell them exactly how you feel.

Tell them whatever it is that comes to you.

Whatever it is that comes from your heart and KNOW that they received it.

Obviously you’re not sending it anywhere…

You can fold it up and put it in a box or you can throw it away.

You can even burn it.

Sometimes the act of burning it makes you feel like you’re releasing it, and that can be very powerful.

2) Talk aloud

When you communicate with them, say their name, call them out, and say exactly how you feel.

Communication is of course a two way street so how do you listen to them?

This is something that I cover more of in my online course Intuition Mastery but I’ll talk a little bit about it here.

When we’re communicating with our intuition, or a being that’s on the other side, it’s very important that we learn to listen.

Listening is SO important and there’s not enough emphasis that we place on it everyday.

Once you’ve written your letter or spoken your piece, LISTEN for the signs that your loved one will give you. They may send you a person in your life. You might hear THAT song playing somewhere… the one that reminds you of them or one that you shared together. Maybe it has the right lyrics that you needed to hear. You could go to a movie that night, and notice that the movie has the answer you’ve been looking for.

There are an unlimited amount of ways that you can be communicated with. They can send you a multitude of signs so it’s super important that you listen.

So to go over this again…

1) You can write a letter, address it to that person, write from your heart and let it go.

2) Call out their name and tell them exactly how your feeling and let it go.

After that…

You’re listening for any sort of signs that you see – songs, movies, people – those are all examples of ways that your loved one will communicate back with you.

It’s super important that you’re diligent with your listening. You don’t have to think about it all the time but know that when that sign comes to you and you really feel it in your heart… THAT’S the sign that you’re looking for.

It will usually take you by surprise and you’ll really feel it in your heart.

It’s really beautiful.

This is just a very simple way to communicate with your loved one that you can try today and be prepared to receive some beautiful messages back because they’re right there and wanting to share love with you too.

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