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Back to today’s topic which is, “How To Feel Less CRAPPY and More FULFILLED.”

If we’re feeling off emotionally, that’s because something IS off in our lives and the best/fastest way to know exactly what’s going on is to tune into your heart.

When we tune into our heart center BEWARE because that’s where we store a lot of emotion, especially surrounding relationships, love and self worth.

When we begin the practice of looking within, focusing on the heart center and listening to what the heart has to tell us, we will understand what exactly is blocking us from living that fulfilling life.

For example, if you’re holding onto resentment towards somebody and that resentment is keeping you feeling crappy, blocked and hindered every single day… the heart will tell you that and bring up those feelings for you the moment you tune into it.

You’ll also be able to access your heart’s true desires.

The hearts desires are BIG and BEAUTIFUL and when we take the steps that we need to take to align ourselves with those desires… THAT’S when you’re living your soul purpose. And that is when you wake up in the morning and you feel completely fulfilled because you know you’re doing your souls work, spirit’s work… and that’s pretty awesome!

So in short…

If you’re looking to feel less crappy and more fulfilled then tune into your heart so you can see what’s blocking you.

You can get an understanding of what your true, deep desires are that your spirit has for you and your heart will give you everything that you need to move forward with confidence.

And a big part of that is your heart connects you to the divine.

When your heart is open, divinity is everywhere.

Abundance flows into your life.

Healthy relationships come into your life.

And everything really begins to chance.

The key here, is your heart center.

Thank you so much for joining me today,