How to open your third eye FAST (in a peaceful and loving way!)

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awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaThis is a question that I get asked a lot.

It’s like as soon as we discover that there is a whole other world beyond the physical we are really anxious to open our third eye quickly.

I know this was the case with me.

As soon as I really discovered angels an began reading about them, I really wanted to see them (and this a very normal thing).

I did a lot of practises like:

– Mantras

– Meditating

And just whole bunch of different practises because I wanted it to happen really quickly.

I am so grateful that it didn’t happen quickly.

Really, I am so grateful that it was a longer process.

And the reason why is because if your desire is to have something happen fast and you are NOT concerned at all with it being a pleasurable, fun and loving peaceful experience than it can be a TERRIFYING experience.

It can be a terrifying experience to see things when you’re not ready to see them and I’ve used this experience before – if you want to get somewhere by driving really fast, and you’re not concerned about how you’re enjoying the ride, your safety, or how comfortable it is then you WILL get to your destination fast.

If you want to open your third eye quickly than it will happen.

But is it going to be pleasurable?

Is it going to be comfortable?


Probably not because that’s not what you’re asking.

But if you’d like it to happen at it’s own pace, then set the intention for it to open when you’re ready.

Anytime you set an intention for something to happen, it begins to happen… instantly!

You may think that it’s taking forever to open, you may think that it’s blocked in some way because you could have some fears that are keeping that from happening…

But the moment that you set your intention, it begins to open and you will get faced with whatevers blocking you so the journey starts the second you intend on it.

If you want to open your third eye fast, then it will happen very quickly but that is NOT the way I would recommend it.

I would never recommend forcing something like that to happen.

Always set the intention for it to happen for when you’re ready for it to happen and in a way that’s comfortable and loving.

And it definitely helps to having someone around that knows what your feeling – like a teacher who understand exactly what’s going on.

I did it alone so I know what it feels like.

It can be an isolating and lonely experience if you have no one to talk to about this adventure that you’re on.

It’s beautiful to share that with other people having similar experiences.

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