Psychic Self Defense – How To Cleanse Your Energy After Seeing A Client

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Hey, I’m Danielle from Third Eye Mama and today we are going to talk about a little bit of psychic self defense and how to cleanse your energy after seeing a client.

There’s a lot of different ways that you can do this and as always, I always recommend using your intuition to find the method that works best for you.

Some methods will work better than other ways and it’s always good to be open to learning new ways of cleansing your energy because as we grow, our practices or rituals should grow with us as well.

If we continue using the same methods that we learned initially, we might be outgrowing them and they might not be as effective as they were when we initially tried them.

One of the greatest ways to protect your energy and to cleanse your energy is to limit the amount of energy that you’re actually picking up on during your sessions.

Whether you’re seeing your clients at home, in an office or even on the phone, having crystals around you that help to absorb that negative, toxic or interfering energy can be hugely beneficial for you afterwards. You’re not going to pick up as much stuff if you have those crystal helpers around you.

One of the most awesome crystals for picking up negative energy is:

“Black Kyanite”

It is a beautiful stone and it is something that you can have it as a pendant, on your desk, or somewhere in the room where you’re working so that it can pick up the excess energy. This is a great way of absorbing that toxicity.

Another crystal that I’ve been using for a really long time is Black Tourmaline.

I have a lot of them through out different rooms and even keep them at my front door. They’re really great at picking up excess energy from your sessions. They also help with things like EMF and other nasty kind of energy that you don’t want in your field.

So that’s the first method to help cleanse your energy – it more of a preventative method, and should be used as often as possible.

Another method that I really like to use is quite common:

“White Sage”

Smudging is this really beautiful way of releasing some of the heaviness that you pick up during your sessions.

The smoke from White Sage is very purifying and can help to lessen the burden of the interfering energies that you’ve picked up on during your session.

Another method that I use every time is all about:

“Cutting Your Cords”

Sometime during a session, cords between you and your client can be created.

When you form these chords, negative energy can freely go back and forth – even after you’ve finished your session. You become continuously connected but not in a loving way.

These are negative chords.

After you have had a session with someone (or even just a conversation), it is very important that you cut your cords.

You can do this in a number of different ways, but I like to call on Archangel Michael or the “Angel of Purity” to assist me in cutting any chords that I may have formed during my session.

This leads me to my next method called:

The Foreign Energy Test

Another way to cleanse your energy after seeing a client to do something called “The Foreign Energy Test” and I go through this much more in depth in my book, Awaken Your Psychic Abilities: For Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

When you do this, you’re essentially scanning your energy for energies that are not yours.

After your session – find a quiet and centered space where you can mentally going through your energy field from top to bottom and then becoming aware of any thing in your field that do not feel like yours.

It could feel like heat, cold energy, heaviness or it may even feel like an emotion.

So maybe you’re working with somebody who’s upset and then you walk away and you feel like this really heavy sense of depression that’s sitting on your shoulders. Those are all foreign energies that could have become trapped in your field as a result of your work.

Become aware of the foreign energies that you’ve picked up and then work with Archangel Michael or “The Angel of Purity” to help remove those energies so that you are not continually bringing them into your future sessions, the rest of your day or into your family life.

That stuff is very interfering and it’s very important to have that kind of psychic self defense to prevent as much negativity as possible from entering your energy field – but then when it does enter your energy field, you’ll know exactly what to do.

The last one that I want to leave you with is this.

After you are done working with your client, make sure that you are allowing yourself to let them go on their journey.

I know you love the people that you work with.

I know you are heart centered and you want the best for them but it is THEIR journey.

It becomes extremely important after working with them to say, “Okay, universe, I leave this person in your hands”. When you do that, you are releasing them from your field so you’re not still connected with them.

Of course, I don’t have to tell you this, but…

If you feel like that person needs extra help from any sort of healthcare professional or if you feel like they need more help then it would be up to you to inform them of that and to make sure that they have everything that they need.

Beyond that, it’s up to them to accept that help so it’s a very good practice to just say, “Okay, universe, I allow this client to be in your hands.

You take care of them, and maybe even say a little prayer for them. You can even ask the angels to be with them and help them on their journey, or to help with this particular bit of healing or recovery that they need.

When you do that, you disconnect from your client and you give yourself the sense of space and the sense of peace and quiet.

If you are always reaching out to help other people and you want to control how fast they get better or you feel like they should be doing more than they actually are, or you feel the need to control it (even though it’s coming from a loving space) that sense of control is not good for you and it’s not good for them either.

Exercise that kind of caution and that distance by saying a little prayer at the end of your session.

“Thank you so much Universe for taking them into your arms.”

Say whatever resonates with you with that intention.

Those are a few of the methods that I use to disconnect with my clients and loved ones after I have worked with them and I find them to be extremely, extremely effective. I hope that you found these methods helpful!

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Danielle Fagan
Intuition Mastery Coach

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