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Hi, I’m Danielle from and today I’m going to tell you about the #1 POWERFUL PRACTICE¬†That Changed My Life Forever.

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Now for today’s topic…

The #1 Powerful Practise That Changed My Life Forever

It’s simple.

It is the practise of “listening”.

I cannot talk about the power of listening enough.

Our lives are filled with distraction, we are writing Facebook posts, posting on Instagram, making phone calls, sending text messages, we are talking, we are thinking, we are CONSTANTLY projecting energy but very seldom do we actually take the time to listen.

Just listen to that beautiful silence.

The answers for what you seek are in THAT silence.

The power, courage, fearlessess, confidence, love and answers that you’re searching for can be found in that silence.

But why?

When you are silent and still you can hear your heart… that’s when you can hear God.

That’s when you can hear your angels and align yourself with your highest path.

If we are constantly talking and projecting we don’t give the universe a chance to serve us.

We don’t give the universe a chance to tell us what we need to know.

THIS is the powerful practise, that if everyone did I’m sure there would be world peace.

Because it will give you a chance to work out whatever it is that’s bothering you. It will give you a chance to access the energies of support, love and peace and whatever it is that you need and it will give you a chance to TRULY listen (not just to spirit but…) to other people.

And in doing that, you’ll connect with them in a more deep and loving way.

THIS is a practise that I highly recommend doing, just giving yourself a chance to be silent and still everyday has radically changed my life.

I know that I wouldn’t be here teaching other spiritual seekers how to live their soul purpose(I wouldn’t be living my own soul purpose) if I didn’t implement this.

Give it a shot and I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll talk to you soon!


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