Weekly Angel Reading (June 19 – 25, 2017)

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are you living your soul purpose or someone else's

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Hi I’m Danielle from www.thirdeyemama.com and THIS is your WEEKLY ANGEL READING for JUNE 19 – 25, 2017 but first, I want to tell you about something really cool.

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Now for this week’s reading…

When I tune into your energy, I immediately feel a sense of low self esteem for this week.

I feel like maybe you’ve been a little bit hard on yourself…

Maybe there have been some changes that you’ve wanted to make but haven’t followed through with them exactly or perfectly…

Or maybe you’ve been feeling down BEFORE even taking that next step.

Either way it feels as though you’re being a little bit hard on yourself.

Now, I immediately get drawn to your heart center.

Your heart knows what you’re capable of…

It’s strong, brave and knows exactly what you’re able to do.

It holds your potential.

Whenever you’re feeling hard on yourself or like you’re not able to do it, tune into the energy of your heart.


Instead, focus your energy on your heart center and know that the longer you focus on it THAT can be enough to refocus your energy.

The trick is to break the habit of thinking those negative thoughts about yourself and instead focusing on something much more empowering.

The more you make this a habit the easier it’s going to be.

I also see the Angels around you now and they’re letting you know that once you take this next step, they can help to make it easier, and easier, and easier.

So the moment you find that you’re getting down on yourself, being hard on yourself or feeling a lack of confidence just ask the angels for help.

Ask them to help you focus on your heart center and focus on all of the love and empowerment and you’re beautiful gifts that you have to bring.

Watch how your mentality changes.

You are a beautiful creature.

You are here to do amazing work.

Believe in that, ask for help if you need it and you WILL be able to carry it through.

Take a nice big breath and imagine letting all of that heaviness go.

See your heart center in your mind and FEEL it.

Can you sense your heart beating?

That is YOU.

That is your beautiful self so continue to focus on that through out the week and you will completely shift the vibration and attract much more favourable results in your life.

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Danielle Fagan

Danielle Fagan

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