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Hi, I’m Danielle from and THIS is your Weekly Angel Reading.

The moment I tune into your energy, I see this beautiful little seedling JUST starting to poke out of the soil as though the seeds that you have sown are finally beginning to blossom. They are just starting to come out!

Even though it seems so small, this is a really wonderful sign that your thinking, your mantras and your positivity (that you have been infusing into your life) is finally bringing new results.

This is also because of new actions you’ve been taking.

Your vibration is shifting and things are finally starting to come to fruition.

I also notice that there seems to be a lot of distractions, so even though there is this beautiful seedling coming out of the soil there seems to be a lot of things that are getting in the way of you taking new actions, and keeping your vibration high.

It feels like there are phone calls from people who are distracting you, or bring you down with their heavy energies. It just seems like everything is getting in the way and that can make the process of this little seedling’s growth go a little slower, so what would be really great for you to do is to get in touch with people who support you, support your dreams, maybe know about the law of attraction, people who want to uplift you and see you flourish and thrive… THAT will help you to regain your focus on these new results that are coming into your life.

It will help you stay focus and aligned on what it is that you want to create.

So it’s super important this week NOT to isolate yourself but to instead get out there with other spiritual seekers, other people who are wanting to develop personally / spiritually and this will help you see results that much quicker.

They’re putting a lot of emphasis on this…

Make sure that you connect with other people in any way that you can and try to minimize the distractions.

Every time something that distracts you comes to your mind or comes into your reality do you best to shift that focus back on to what’s uplifting you. So you could be listening to uplifting music, watching funny movies, watching something funny and connecting with other people that will help to bring that beauty and power out of you. That will definitely help.

The Angels are around you, they are telling you that you ARE doing a fabulous job and to not focus to much on the distractions… those things will pass as soon as you learn the art of focus – and you continue to focus on what it is that’s uplifting you, what your vision is and you stay straight on your path. That will help bring about new results that much quicker.

I also see them whispering in your ear so they are giving you guidance to keeping you aligned. It’s important to listen to them as best you can, that way they can help you stay on track and they can help you with the challenges that you face on a daily basis.

You are surrounding by love and you are totally supported this entire week.

So again, don’t get lost in the distractions, stay super focused, ask your angels for assistance and they’ll help you.

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