Hi, I’m Danielle from www.thirdeyemama.com and this is your Weekly Angel Reading!

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Now for this weeks angel reading…

The moment I tune into your energy I feel SUPER overwhelmed.

I feel like I’m in a busy room and it’s difficult to hear anything because everyone’s voices are so LOUD.

And that’s what it feels like is going on in your life right now.

Like everyone is going through their own stuff, everyone has their own story, everybody is growing or TRYING to grow, or they have some sort of drama going on in their life and YOU’RE stuck there in the middle.

You’re wanting to help everybody (and it’s good that you want to help because that’s what makes you feel happy – helping other people) but if you do not take the time to take care of yourself, then this could be a hugely overwhelming and stressful situation.

I see 6 Angels around you now and they’re encouraging you.

I see them opening up the door and leading you to the outside.


Go outside for a walk if that’s possible.

Create peace within yourself.

Because if you don’t do that, then there’s no way that you’re going to be able to help other people – you just won’t have enough to give.

Plus it’s just too overwhelming to have all of these voices speaking at once… all of this drama happening at once. It will wear you out very, very quickly so it’s important to give back to yourself.

There’s also this underlying sense of sadness that I feel – it’s almost like, “Well, what about me? I spend so much time helping everybody else but what about me?” and the Angels are letting you know that it’s been a long time of you going after ONLY what you need. You’re just scraping by on the bare minimum but that’s not all there is to life, there is SO much more.

It is SAFE for you to ask for what you want.

It is safe for you to THRIVE instead of just survive everyday.

This feels like a very big turning point for you and this week is giving you an opportunity to exercise a new choice, and that is:


Creating Balance.

Giving back to yourself so you can serve others and MORE people in your life.

So THINK about that choice this week.

“Am I ready to take time for myself?”

“Am I ready to ask for what it is that I truly want?”

“Am I ready to give back to me?”

If you make that choice you’ll be able to clear up some blockages in the throat chakra… I feel like there’s a lot going on, almost like your voice is being stifled and if you make that choice – it will help to clear all of that up.

You can also work with some crystals like: Kyanite, Chrysocolla, or Sodalite to help clear up the throat chakra and assist in this process.

If you DO take that time to give yourself peace – I see so many beautiful things transpiring…

I see flowers and sun light.

I see a lot of peace, openness and fresh air coming into your life.

I see a lot of really beautiful things.

So think about that choice this week…

You have the opportunity to really turn things around for you and it’s a very deeply meaningful week.

So keep that in mind, take that time out for yourself and there will be a HUGE pay off.

That is your weekly angel reading for this week, thank you so much for joining me and I will catch you next week!

Danielle, www.thirdeyemama.com

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