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Hi, I’m Danielle from and this is my weekly angel card reading for May 22 – 28, 2017.

As soon as I tune into your energy this week, I feel a complete shift from last week.

It feel like you have been asking for assistance, you’ve been calling on Divine help (whether that be your angels, spiritual teachers or loved ones on the other side) and they want you to know that they are there for you.

You’ve asked for help, and I can see a WHOLE team of spiritual helpers cheering you on, supporting you, and balancing your moods on the other side.

It feels like whatever is it that you’re needing to accomplish this week is going to be a lot easier because you’ve asked for so much help to be on your side.

I completely feel this calm, stable and grounded energy… I feel like I’m in a really good place and that’s reflective of what’s going on with you.

Their advice is also to take things one step at a time (so go slowly – haste is waste) and don’t rush through whatever you need to do this week.

Take one step at a time and you’ll complete everything that you have to do.

I also see you being more mindful with the things that you’re doing…

So instead of having all of this chaotic energy within you, I see you being very mindful.

I see you eating mindfully, breathing mindfully, and it feels like even though in past weeks we’ve talked about this chaotic energy that’s in your life – it’s starting to fade away now.

And because you’ve done the work, you’re now in a grounded and more stable place.

This is overwhelmingly calm and peaceful.

You’ve got it.

Whatever you need to do this week, you’ve got it covered.

So there’s no sense in worrying.

Keep asking for help.

Keep connecting to your angels on the other side.

Tune in to this deep feeling of peace and it will be there for you.

You are loved.

You are supported, and EVERYTHING is going to be fine.

Don’t worry and just enjoy things and be mindful.

Be in the present moment and enjoy every moment that you can this week.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s reading!


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