Hi, I’m Danielle from www.thirdeyemama.com and here is your Weekly Angel Reading.

As soon as I tune into your energy for this week, I feel this loving embrace and it feels as though it’s coming from behind me – it almost feels like a pink fluffy blanket of support coming from the other side.

It’s a Motherly figure, a feminine energy on the other side that’s just loving you, nurturing you and supporting you from the other side.

It feels as though you’ve been going really strong for the last few weeks and it’s as though you’re in need of some tender love and care and you’re getting that from the other side.

This figure is there to support you, love you and help you.

She’s showing me that she’s not alone… there are ALL these Angels behind her bringing in this feminine energy into your life and into your day.

A deeply nurturing and supportive energy.

She’s saying that it’s amazing that you’ve gone this far but it is time to pause and make sure to take care of yourself.

I see you drinking tea, having soup, taking naps, and really getting some deep rest.

It feels like it’s important that you take some time off of your hard work so that you can rest your mind, body and spirit.

It’s time for you to go within to get some insights.

Use your intuition to get these insights into what’s coming and so that you can hear what they’re wanting to tell you.

Tune into their guidance so that you can move forward with ease and grace.

They’re also reminding you of how loved you are and to know that it is very important that you take this break because if not it can be easy to over do it.

When you over do it you can get sick, feel run down, and you won’t have the energy to do what you want to do.


Even over the next 3-days, just chill out and stay in.

Get your rest, take it easy and it will do you so much good.

There’s lots of messages for you on the other side so be sure to meditate if that’s possible.

That’s your reading for this week!

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