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are you living your soul purpose or someone else's

Dear Empath,

During this assessment I’ll tune into your energy and Akashic record and you’ll discover exactly what your psychic gift is, how you receive information from the Divine (we all do it differently) and how it can help you fulfill your soul purpose. The cost of this 1-hour session is $497, a small investment that can change your life over the period of just 1 hour.

From a very young age, I’ve felt that people have innate healing and intuitive abilities.

Everyday, I strive to show people that they can look inside themselves at any time to find the answers to their life questions. Because of that belief, my clients achieve a healthy dose of independence and gives them the tools that they can use to bring themselves back into a peaceful state whenever they find themselves regressing into old patterns.

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I’m looking forward to working with you,


I met Danielle just under a year a ago and she has forever changed my life.  I had been broken emotionally, physically and financially.  She rewired my negative thinking, removed emotional blockages, took my pain away and has made me see the miracle of being alive in a whole new way.  Every morning I wake up and I am excited at the possibility and opportunity that the day brings.  She has also helped me with my twins, removing their emotional blockages as well and I am enjoying life to the max.  My husband has also felt Danielle’s special gift, his business has had an increase in sales.  I went from zero income, completely in pain from fibromyalgia to fifty thousand salary plus commission and pain free! She is truly a miracle. Thank you Danielle, love you lots!

Luisa V.

I have experienced many healers in my time but Danielle is unique. She is gentle, honest and direct. She truly assists with Divine healing. She helped me and my family move forward with our healing when we needed help. She helped me accept and learn to accept the Divine healing that exists for those of us that are willing to feel it and accept into our lives. Thank you Danielle for your work. You are a gift to this beautiful world.

Ann S.

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