Your Third Eye Is NOT Something You Want To Force Open

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awaken your intuition free 5 day training with danielle fagan third eye mamaBefore you learn how to master your intuition and open up your third eye, we often have these visions of what we’d like our life to be like once our third eye is open.

“I want to see a loved one that’s crossed over”

“I want to connect with angels”

“I want to connect with the creator and have this really beautiful dialogue” – that’s one of the things that I envisioned for me.

Sometimes when we have these visions, we can get caught up saying:

“You know what? I want it to happen now. I want it to happen right now. How can it happen?”

Then we get into this mode where we almost force it to happen and start looking for the answer:

“Okay, what is it that I need to do with my life?”

“What is my soul purpose? What is the next thing that my kid needs right now? “

“How can I tune into my parent intuition and see what they need?”

And we expect the answer, NOW.

When we do that and when we force things to happen, that is a huge blocker for intuition.

All of us have gotten into this way of being where you want something to happen so badly and you’re just pushing for it to happen…

Or you want the answer to something so badly and you’re looking for a sign for it but you’re just overthinking it.

It’s like the wheels are turning. When those wheels start turning really fast it creates this friction in your head, which can create tension headaches, over thinking and feeling overwhelmed.

But all you may have needed, was “patience.”

When you allow yourself to let go and just be patient, you allow things to come to you so much faster.

For example, let’s say you’re at a restaurant and you place your order directly with the Chef – but the entire time they are trying to make the food, you’re peppering them with questions.

You’re taking their focus off of the food so much so that they can’t actually finish preparing your meal.

When you meddle with the process, you slow things down.

If your goal is to master your intuition and open up your third eye, you just need to set that intention, let go and wait for the next step to come to you.

Your intention is all powerful.

It is what moves things.

Intention is what has created the universe.

We all came from source and the initial separation all came from intention.

That is what creation is born from.

However, if you have an intention and then try forcing it – you WILL slow the process down.

You get in the way of things.

You do not allow for opportunities to come into your life because you’re busy over thinking things and really, it takes you out of the present moment.

The reason why I feel like it’s so important is because I get a lot of emails from people saying they want to open their third eye and that they’ve tried everything but it hasn’t worked. Often times, they are trying lots of different techniques.

When you forcefully try to open your third eye, THAT is when you run into really big problems.

awaken your intuition with danielle fagan third eye mama

The third eye is not something you want to force open.

It’s unhealthy and the results can be very upsetting. Trust me, you don’t want to force open an energy center that is not ready to be forced open.

1) Once you set your intention, be very clear about what it is that you intend.

2) Have your vision of what it is you would like to create.

3) Be open to something even better coming.

4) Then be patient and allow the process to unfold.

Just like you can’t force a flower to open, you have to let the process unfurl.

That is how magic really happens.

Now, one of the big arguments with that is, “Oh, I want it to happen now. Why can’t I just make this happen? Why can’t I make this happen and will it take longer if I am patient?”

That’s not the case. When you chose to become patient, you go into the space of surrender.

The universe is all seeing, all hearing, all knowing and if I set my intention, it hears me, and it knows exactly what it is that I want – and I know the next steps will come to me when it’s time.

It’s the same thing with opening your third eye and mastering your intuition.

Your intention might sound something like:

“My desire is to open my third eye”

“My desire is to communicate with my angels”

“My desire is to communicate with a loved one that is crossed over”

Set the intention and let it go.

Once you let it go, you open up the pathways for your intention to come to you.

If you’ve read up to this point – you’re receiving this message today for a reason.

What is it that you have been trying to force?

What intentions are you pushing it or forcing it?

Try to do a little bit of introspection and see what it is that you’ve been trying to force because this message is coming through today for a reason.

I tune in to see what message needs to come through to my readers and that’s how I create this article.

Patience – you absolutely need in order to master your intuition.

Set your intention and have the patience so that your intention can be made manifest.

You’ll also find that when you move into this state of patience, and into this state of surrender it takes so much stress off of you.

Sometimes, when we’re trying to force things, it puts a lot of strain on you because you believe that it’s “up to me” to make things happen.

That is a very stressful, chaotic, uptight, and frustrated way of being. It doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel good to be like that. I can tell you that because I can get into that state, just like you can. I can get into the state where I’m like, “What is it? What is it that I need to do in order to make this happen,” and really try to force things to happen.

This happened recently to my husband and I.

We were looking to move. We were finding all of the right places but every time we would get a place, it would be given away, at the last second. We were never able to get it. Just at the 11th hour, just when we thought that we had the place and that everything was going to be okay, it was gone. It happened over and over many times. What caused the most stress for me was trying to think how I could force it to happen.

Instead of just letting it go, there was a while where we were really trying to force things to happen which created a lot of stress. It created a lot of tension in my body. It created tension in the relationship. It created lots of frustration and that kind of energy. The same thing can happen for your intuition.

If you’re trying to force it to happen, you can also be open to “imagining” things.

Let’s say you’re intention is to communicate with a crossed over loved one and then you think that you have an experience. How do you know if it was real or made up?

Your imagination can be really powerful.

That’s when you get into self doubt and things become really confusing.

It’s time to take a step back and say:

“Okay, where do I need to surrender? “

“Where do I need to be patient? “

“If my vision is clear, where can I let go and let the creator bring this or something even better into my life?”

That is the message for today.

Trust me, once you let go, you’ll feel a heck of a lot better.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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